Do handpoked tattoos hurt more than machine tattoos?

Handpoked tattoos are less abrasive on the skin than machine tattoos, so usually they hurt less in comparison. For some people it can be a relaxing pleasant experience. Some places on the body hurt more than others and everyone has different pain thresholds. Try not to drink alcohol the night before as hangovers can make the skin more sensitive. Have a good breakfast and bring something to snack on if your booked in for a long session.

What are hand poked tattoos?

Handpoked tattoos are created without machine. I attach the needle to a chop stick and gently poke the needle into the skin whilst dipping the needle in ink. They take a bit longer to do than machine tattoos as I am doing it all by hand, so you have to be patient :) The length of time it takes to do a tattoo is based on the placement on the body, the detail and size of the piece.

How do I book an appointment and what is the booking process?

When my books are open fill out the booking form on the website, please note that it can take a while to respond. I do custom pieces that fit my style and love to do botanical, animals and various other nature related themes. I also pre draw up some designs which you can choose from, these are called FLASH. Flash designs will be posted on my instagram stories and will be kept in a highlight until my books are filled. To book a flash piece take a screen shot and send it when you fill out the booking form. To secure an appointment I will need to take a deposit which is deducted from the price of the tattoo. You can pay via paypal, bank transfer or arrange to drop it in the studio.
If you have a custom piece booked in I will draw out your design and send it to you a day before your appointment so you can let me know if you need anything changed.

Do you do cover-ups and use coloured ink?

No, I prefer to work in black and because my style is so delicate it doesnt work well over cover ups

Where are you based and how to I get there?

Im based at a private studio just above Ernest:
1 Boyd Street Ouseburn
It’s cash only at the moment, the nearest cash machine is a few minutes walk at Tescos (NE2 1TB) or if you prefer you can pay me via PayPal or bank transfer. Parking
There’s free parking outside the studio but you can only stay for 2 hours max. The nearest free parking with no time restrictions is in the Ouseburn South Car Park (NE6 1BY) next to The Cycle Hub on the Quayside, but it’s about a 10 min walk to the studio from there, it’s a nice walk though. Theres street parking on Lime Street and in the Ouseburn Central Car Park on Foundry Lane (NE6 1LH) is 40p per hour up to a maximum stay of four hours. There is also a car park under the Arches of Byker Bridge, on the corner of Lime Street and Stepney Bank. Charges are £1 for the first hour then 80p an hour up to a maximum stay of four hours. The meter accepts payment by debit or credit card only (or pay cash in Ouseburn Trust office at 53 Lime Street). Walk/Train/Metro
If you are coming from Newcastle Central Station you can get either walk which takes only 20 minutes or get the Metro. For the Metro get 1 stop to Monument and change trains. Get on the train going towards The Coast for 1 stop to get off at Manors. It’s about a 7 min walk from Manors Metro to the studio.

This is my first tattoo, whats it going to be like?

Prior to your appointment I will send you an online consent form to fill out I will prepare the skin by cleaning it and shaving it. I will then put the stencil on of the tattoo design, this gives you the opportunity to look at it in place, and let me know if it is in the exact position you want it, if its not we can easily move it no problem. When you're happy with the placement we can let the stencil dry while I finish setting up the needles and ink. Then I begin the tattoo! When im finished I will take some photos and wrap the tattoo up in a protective film. I will go over the after care with you and you can view the aftercare advice anytime on the Evergreen website

Do you use Vegan ink?

Yes I use Dynamic black ink and it is vegan.

Can you copy this tattoo?

No I dont copy other peoples work. Please dont send me other peoples work as reference either. I only tattoo my own designs and only do each design once so that everyone has their own unique tattoo. So if you like a tattoo I have already done I can do a variation of it but cant do it the same.

Do handpoke tattoos fade?

Handpoke tattoos dont fade more than machine tattoos. All tattoos change over time. Lines go slightly thicker in the healing process and as they age. Fineline tattoos are more prone to needing a touch up more so than bolder tattoos.

What advice do you have before my tattoo appointment?

Dont drink alcohol the night before as hangovers can make the skin more sensitive. Before you come make sure you have eaten properly that day and bring something to snack on and a drink of water if your booked in for a long session. Wear comfortable clothing where I can get easy access to the area to be tattooed. If you are unsure of anything just send me an email.

How much will it be and how long will it take?

Prices depend on size, detail and placement. I can only give you a quote if I can book you in. I usually cant tell you exactly how long it will take but can give a rough time frame if you need it.

I cant travel to see you, can you design a tattoo for me that I can get someone else to tattoo?

No sorry, I only design tattoos that I can tattoo myself. I only have time to draw up the designs thats are booked in. And also, I wouldnt feel comfortable knowing someone else is tattooing my work. Please dont bring my designs to other people to tattoo and dont ask other artists to copy my work. Thank you :)

If I change my mind, can I get my deposit back?

No, sorry. Deposits are non-refundable, the appointment can be moved once if given more than 48 hours notice. Only book in if you are 100% sure you want to go ahead with the tattoo.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Normally we allow you to bring someone to your appointment with you but due to the covid restrictions we ask you come alone to your appointment so that there is less people in the studio.

Can you add to an existing tattoo I have?

No, I dont usually add to exisitng tattoos sorry.

What is a FLASH design?

Flash designs are designs that I have drawn up for you to choose from. When my books are open they will be posted in my story highlights for you to look at and if youd like one then take a screen shot of it to add to the booking request form. All my designs are only tattooed once unless otherwise stated. A custom design is soming that I draw up for you based on the info youve given me.

What should I wear for my appointment?

Wear comfy clothing and nothing tight on the area youre getting tattooed. Make sure you wear something that I can access the area for the tattoo well. For ribs - wear a loose T-shirt and I will give you some nipple covers to wear For sternum - Wear a shirt or something that you can open at the front For ankles - Dont wear boots or tight pants that can rub on the tattoo Anything you are unsure of or want specific advice just send me an email

When are you taking bookings again?

Books will open around the end of August. Sign up to my mailing list to receive updates. Once my books do reopen a booking form will be live on my website for 48 hours

It takes me a while to go through them and if you don’t hear back from me unfortunately you didn’t get a spot this time. I always receive way more requests than I have space for

I post available flash on my Instagram story highlights and take on custom flora and fauna designs.

Are there any changes to the studio or anything I should know before coming to my appointment due to Covid?

- If you have any Covid symptoms you must get in touch to rearrange -Fill out the online consent form before your appointment - Hand sanitisers at entrance when you enter the building, sink with contactless tap to wash hands inside our studio as you come in - Come alone to your appointment - Wear a mask - Do not come early for your appointment, just come for the arranged time - Bring your own drink if you need one as we are not allowed to serve refreshments